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Sound Recorder Professional is a tool that allows you to register all kinds of audio recordings from your sound card so that you can make your own videos.

This tool also lets you record sounds professionally, or pick up audio tracks from others sources and devices like microphones, websites, TV, other tools, players, webcams, etc. From there you can also register any kind of sound that you want to store no matter where it's from.

On one hand, from Sound Recorder Professional, you'll get the option not only to record anything, but also to do it in any format you want depending on what you need. So that way, you'll get to store audio files in MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, TTA, WV, MPC, or SPX among other options.

The major appeal in this tool is that it lets you avoid long waits and awkward silences in your recordings. Although, you can also cut and paste silences offering full-featured content without the need to move forward, rewind, or jump around in video files.
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